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Project Description
A simple Project that convert files from UTF to ANSI. The program is for now a simple console Application that load all the files from a given directory and create the same files(converted to ANSI) to another directory

to use this Application , it's very simple,
the "exe" file require 2 parameter,
  • The first one is the Location of the directory where all your UTF files are situated
  • The second one is the Location of the Directory where you want to create all the Converted files

the Application will create in the target location all the file with the same name where they came from....
A simple example how to use it(command line):

C:\Windows\system32>D:\Projects\UTFtoANSI\UTFtoANSI\bin\Release\UTFtoANSI.exe C:\UTFFiles\ C:\AnsiResult\
C:\Windows\system32>D:\Projects\UTFtoANSI\UTFtoANSI\bin\Release\UTFtoANSI.exe "C:\\UTFFiles\\" "C:\\AnsiResult\\"

this application will open a Thread for each File to convert!

Created by Jeremy souffir.

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